Hydractive 24 Eyes & Lips Serum - 1 ounce
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The skin around your eyes and lips is very thin and delicate. It is the first to wrinkle and the first to react to passing years and the hormonal changes that influence the appearance of your skin. The female hormone, estrogen also weakens over the years, playing a significant role in the aging process. Dinur’s scientific division has developed Hydractive 24 – Eyes & Lips Relese Serum based on soy Isoflavon. This rich serum immediately improves your skin’s appearance with the very first application. Based on the Isoflavon Liposome Complex produced from the soy bean seed. This serum assists in slowing down your skin’s wrinkling process, decreases existing wrinkles and returns elasticity, leaving your skin firm and glowing. Use daily on clean skin before moisturizer.

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Hydractive 24 Eyes & Lips Serum - 1 ounce

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