Hydrocare cream for DRY skin
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Skin disorders, allergies, rashes and infections are common with sensitive skin. Oily skin or dry skin is particularly susceptible to adverse reactions to toady's living conditions, the environment, a particular product ingredient, or even stress. Any or all of these mean that your skin can become upset and irritated. The skin's' natural defenses then break down. When the equilibrium of the skin is impaired, skin disorders easily identifies themselves in the form of allergies, rashes, infections, redness or even a rough and mottled surface, with possible flaking.  To help counteract the damage that the skin has sustained, and balance the skin's' condition to rebuild a healthy appearance, there are now two innovative products to calm and soothe skin disorders and irritations. Remarkable Soothing Cream for dry skin and Remarkable Soothing Lotion for oily skin.  The unique formulation of hydrocortisone, a healing agent, enriched with Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, vegetal ceramides, shea butter and Allantoin are easily diffused into the skin, soothing and moisturizing, comforting the breakouts, leaving the skin visibly lucent with a healthy glow. The special moisturizing effect of the advanced formula stimulates cell rejuvenation and tissue cohesion. It balances the skin's' pH to maintain its moisture level, allowing the skin to breathe, to ensure a soft and smooth texture. In short, your skin will be normal and healthy again.

Hydrocare Remarkable Soothing Cream (1.7oz.)  For skin disorders and rashes. This healing cream for dry skin contains the key ingredients of vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5, vegetal ceramides, shea butter and Allantoin which work in synergy with the hydrocortisone, a healing agent, to restore and rebuild sensitive and upset skin to its accustomed clarity and uniformity.

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Hydrocare cream for DRY skin

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