Jojoba Complex Ultra Rich Moisturizer Cream
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Natural Jojoba Complex skin care products for normal to dry and combination skin. Your skin is normal to dry if it is coarse in texture, feels dry to the touch, is pore-less in its appearance, but has certain areas where there is a tendency towards oiliness. These oily skin areas are usually the nose, chin and forehead. Another characteristic of this type of skin is the forming of white bumps under the skin due to your skin's dehydration that will trap oil beneath the skin's surface.  Dinur skin care products has developed the Natural Jojoba Complex line especially for this forgotten skin type. The Jojoba plant is found in the Negev Desert. Jojoba extract and 100% Jojoba oil are extremely rich in vitamins and very nourishing when applied to the skin. Its hydrating properties alleviate dryness while balancing the skin's natural pH factor.

Jojoba Ultra Rich Moisture Cream (2 oz.)  

A great every day moisturizer cream for normal, dry, and combination skin. This Ultra Rich cream with its content of 100% Jojoba oil serves to protect your dry skin, maintain its elasticity, and supply the skin with essential nutrients to balance the skin's moisture.

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Jojoba Complex Ultra Rich Moisturizer Cream

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