Micro Complex Scrub Cleanser
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Dinur Micro Complex helps you renew and maintain your skin. The product formulation of Matrix G.A.G. combined with Hyaluronic Acid and with Derma Vitamin Complex work together to ensure that your skin will function at a high level with the energy characteristics of much younger person. G.A.G. helps absorb water from air, creating an insulated layer of moisture on your face. This layer protects your skin from environmental damage, air pollution UV rays, extreme climate conditions and acute dryness. G.A.G. also plays an active role in revitalizing damaged skin tissues as well as boosting the Collagen process. Hyaluronic Acid also helps absorb water and prevent moisture from escaping your skin. When moisture is absorbed and locked in, your skin will swell, eradicating wrinkles and slowing the development of new ones. Scrub Cleanser 2 oz.. This mild facial scrub contains a unique blend of gentle sea sand. It will clean your skin thoroughly while removing dead skin cells and other impurities. The deep progressive action in this scrub gently abraids the top layer of your skin, revealing fresh new skin and smoothing over rough or bumpy areas. This enables other products to penetrate more deeply, giving a smooth and youthful appearance to your skin. For all skin types.

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Micro Complex Scrub Cleanser

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