Soy Complex Intensive Firming Night Cream
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For all skin types. Hypoallergenic.

While you sleep you can be sure that Soy Complex Intensive Firming night Cream will work for you, giving your skin a radiant and more healthy look in the morning. The exclusive active ingredients found in Soy Complex Intensive Night Cream work in synergy to moisten and soothe out stressed, tired looking skin. Through research, it has been found that the skin’s natural rejuvenation process takes place at night and is much more active while you sleep. The upper layers of the epidermis renew themselves more during the night and therefore needs special treatment during this time. This Intensive Firming Night Cream was created with the latest technology to address the special needs of your skin during the night. The Soy Complex and other active ingredients like CM GLUCAN, Vitamin E, Pro Vitamin 5, Silicone and Bisabolol all function together as they recharge your skin while you sleep.

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Soy Complex Intensive Firming Night Cream

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