Soy Complex Intensive Moisture Cream
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Soy Complex Intensive Moisture Cream (1.7 oz)

For all skin types. Hypoallergenic.

You can treat and nourish your skin with this amazing cream. VITAGLUCAN is a unique combination of active ingredients, all working together to ensure your skin gets the best treatment. Soy Complex has the ability to compensate your skin from the natural aging process and replenish the state of your skin. Soy Complex Intensive Moisturizing Cream contains: CM GLUCAN - an excellent agent to firm your skin as well as reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. VITAMIN E - effective as an antioxidant and fights free radicals and assists in cell rejuvenation. PRO VITAMIN B5 - a rich source of moisture to nourish and hydrate your skin for a 24 hour boost. RONASPHERE LDP - optimum effect to diminish the look of wrinkles. ELHIBIN: A provrn Soy agent which increases your skin's moisture level by 10%. SILICONE - enhances your skin with a soft, silky, velvet appearance. ALOE VERA & BISABOLOL - agents that calm and sooth your skin. Use daily.

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Soy Complex Intensive Moisture Cream

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