Vitaplex A Multi-Vitamin Ampoules 3 pack
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Vitaplex A - Retinol Palminate as it is known otherwise known as, is the latest Vitamin to be recognized as being beneficial in the cosmetic industry. Vitaplex A benefits from micro encapsulated Vitamin A which offers an increased concentration and higher effectiveness of Vitamin A than in a non-encapsulated form. Vitamins generally are essential to the metabolic well being and appearance of our skin. Vitamin A also reduces dryness and normalizes the protein processes of the skin. Vitaplex A works deep into the surface of your skin where wrinkles develop to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines and also increases firmness, ensuring softer and smoother skin. The controlled release of Retinol Palmitate in micro encapsulation form ensures that there is skin compatibility and longer term benefit to your skin. Vitamin A acts as a skin nutrient, an anti-aging agent, reducing the appearance of large pores and evens out your skin tone. Vitaplex A Multi-Vitamin Ampoules 3 pack (0.5oz.)  Vitaplex Multi-vitamin serum is a unique concentration of derma multi-vitamins A, E & F especially formulated to improve the skin's appearance, enhance the moisture level and provide added nutrition to your skin. Vitamins are an important component in the skin's well being, created into this special serum they are quickly and effectively absorbed into your skin. Offering your skin effective cell renewal and increased moiturizing capacity, Vitaplex A Multi Vitamin serum regularly revitalizes and gives added rediance to your skin. Three 1/2 ounce ampoules per order.

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Vitaplex A Multi-Vitamin Ampoules 3 pack

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